If You Chose No. 1
Unfortunately, you are a person who often gives up. You think you cannot influence the situation anyway, so you accept the terms you are given. You never argue and generally prefer to behave quietly and peacefully, because quarrels and scandals make you sad. You are a very kind and honest person.
If You Chose No. 2,
You are the person who sometimes makes hasty decisions. You do not give yourself time to analyze the situation, so you make mistakes that could be avoided. Many people find you stubborn though.
If You Chose No. 3,
You are an im

Why do we have#stupid#bosses?

Almost all#employees across the#globe face the stupid boss dilemma on a daily basis. Though it may seem like you are experiencing a living hell on a daily basis.

Express the positives and good things to learn from a stupid boss.

Which are the most#stupid#Comapies in#USA? if you are working in any of it than share your thoughst and tell the world how you feel and what you like and what you dont

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